Ramon de Wilde

Alberto Arifi

Award winning producers/musicians Alberto Arifi and Ramon de Wilde are joining forces on their latest instrumental EP under the moniker ‘Tranq’. These two soundscape architects have worked, away from the spotlights, as a duo and individually on productions for some of the biggest international and national acts. On a quest to reach new heights and expand their horizons, they decided to present themselves to the masses with their own project. Tranq serves instrumentals on a platter with the appropriate vibes and beats to satisfy the connoisseurs’ appetite. The euphonious blend of the jazz guitar and Hip-Hop production, provided by guitarist Ramon and producer Alberto, creates a unique sound that fuses the best out of both worlds. Various artists are featured on the Tranq project as part of the elements belonging to the reposeful vibes. Alberto and Ramon have worked, as a duo and separately (Alberto as Navadem), with artists such as Glen Faria, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Wulf, Typhoon, Snelle, Bekir, Gianski, Maydien, Slim Kofi, Childsplay, La$$a, Marf, Lange Frans and many more national and international acts. Tranq, remember the name!


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